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Embryonic Stem-Cell Research, pros and cons

Stem-Cell Research

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Stem-Cell research has become a huge cultural issue, though it wasn't big enough to derail George W. Bush last year in his bid to win a second term.

For those of us supporting stem cell research, it's difficult to get past the contradiction's in President Bush's policy. Bush rails against the destruction of embryos, yet he and others on the right will not dare criticize parents who create these embryos through in vitro fertilization, even though embryos are inevitably doomed to be discarded and therefore destroyed using this process. 
(Updated - 5/16/06 by Gerardo Orlando)


Jonathan Alter argues that the stem-cell debate will morph into the pro-cure movement that could spell political trouble for Bush and some Republicans in the 2006 elections. He pleads for activists to start a movement around this issue.

Mort Kondracke
explains why stem-cell research is a potential wedge issue for Kerry and the Democrats.

Jonathan Alter
addresses the power of the stem-cell research issue, and the impact Reagan may have on the debate.

Jonathan Turley
puts a human face on the stem-cell research debate.

Jeffrey B. Kahn explains how the restrictions on embryonic stem-cell research in the United States might result in a brain drain as scientists decide to move overseas to continue their research.


Kos points out how the stem-cell debate can be a wedge issue for Democrats if used effectively. He describes an ad used in the New Jersey race for governor which uses a quadriplegic to make the case for public funding.


Nancy Reagan is ready to get back into the stem-cell debate (SeattlePI.com)

States stepping up to fill the stem-cell funding gap (USA Today)

Ron Reagan asks Dems to cast a vote for stem-cell research
(Boston Globe)

8 Senators seek easing of rules for stem cell research
(Washington Post)

Nancy Reagan calls for stem cell research (Washington Post)


NPR - Brief Timeline of the Stem-Cell Debate
This useful timeline provides a good summary of how the debate evolved over time.

National Institute of Health - Stem-Cells
Official site and resource page on stem-cell research.

News Batch
Useful summary of the outstanding issues.


Site opposed to embryonic stem-cell research.

Bush Speech
Transcript of President Bush's speech on stem-cell research in August 2001 outlining his compromise position.

Research draws opposition
Testimony in Congress demonstrates how some are passionately against the destruction of embryos to enable this research.


Stem-Cell Research Foundation
This group supports continuing embryonic stem cell research.

Read more about America's Culture War.

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