Policy - Orlando Report


Energy Independence
This is probably the most important issue facing our country because it affects our national security, our quality of life and our economy.

U.S. Economy
With the financial crisis, we’re still trying to dig out of the hole we created for ourselves.

War on Terror & Homeland Security
Are we safer than we were before 9/11?


Iraq War
Even supporters are now acknowledging that the post-war occupation has been a disaster.


Economy, Taxes and the Deficit
Can we trust the GOP with our money. After three years of having a Republican president and GOP-controlled congress, the answer appears to be “no.”

Social Security Reform
Is there a crisis, or is the GOP creating the impression of a crisis to pass private accounts?

Stem-Cell Research
Will Nancy Reagan take on Bush over this issue?

Gay Marriage
Are we really willing to amend the Constitution over this issue?

Estate Tax
Will the GOP’s hype machine work? They’re calling it the “Death Tax” in order to change public opinion.

Tort Reform
Both parties are screwing things up. The system needs to be fixed. Can anyone fix it?

Culture War
This page needs lots of work, but the divide in American is very real.