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Bruce Bartlett
This former Reagan official who helped put together the Regean econimic program has been harshly critical of today's "conservatives" and the Republican establishment.

Ezra Klein
He's becoming one of the most respected voices on the left, as he deals in facts and reason as opposed to dogma and ideology. Klein can think outside the box and give real consideration to views on all sides, and that makes his arguments all the more persuasive. He also does a great job of boiling down and expaining complex topics.

DEATH OF BIG MEDIA?: Howard Fineman is joining the chorus of pundits announcing the end of big media. Certainly the CBS fiasco has further eroded the credibility of big media, and the bloggers are radically changing the media landscape in this country. Yet I think Howard and the others are overstating things a bit. The power of the traditional media is still huge. Also, CBS's incompetence, the screw-ups and the NY Times and the obvious slant of FOX News presents an opportunity for the other media organizations to clean up their act and provide good, consistent and fair journalism. CNN took an important step by canceling Crossfire, one of the worst programs in the history of television "journalism." The large media organizations need to stop acting like the National Enquirer and start asking themselves whether they are living up to the standards of professionalism that they claim to espouse. Stop focusing only on the politics of every issue, and start educating the public about the actual issues. Stop inviting the radical fringe to your programs to yell at one another, and start inviting responsible, sober and pragmatic activists and politicians who are interested in solving, or at least discussing in a civil manner, the pressing issues of the day. This is the formula for LONG-TERM success (as opposed to short-term ratings boosts). and the broadcast networks and cable networks actually have an opportunity to regain the respect they had 30 years ago. 


Fareed Zakaria agrees with Jon Stewart, explaining how shows like Crossfire are ruining our democracy

Andrew Sullivan
details how the new media, including cable news, the blogosphere and 527 organizations, is changing the course of the presidential campaign.

Latest News:

CBS ousts 4 for botched National Guard story (CBS)

Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams dropped by news syndicate after admitting he was paid $240,000 by government to promote No Child Left Behind law

Fox News says sorry for blunder

Andy Rooney offers up an idea on how to improve CBS News

Pre-war articles from the Washington Post questioning WMDs did not appear on the front page

"Outfoxed" - new film takes on right angle of Fox News Channel
(Boston Globe)

Antiwar group says its ad rejected by Clear Channel
(NY Times)

FCC goes after Howard Stern with huge proposed fine against Clear Channel, which has decided to dump Stern - Stern alleges 'witch hunt'

Broadcasters fight back against profanity ruling (Reuters)

Karmazin says Stern show not indecent
(Broadcasting & Cable)

Entertainment industry girds for fight over indecency bill

Liberal radio network will launch on March 31st; Franken show to be call 'The O'Franken Factor'
(Air America Radio)

FCC's Powell worried about indecency bills

Clear Channel pulls Howard Stern show from its stations

New MSNBC chief not making immediate changes, will rely on 'Hardball' and rest of current lineup
(USA Today)


There's no doubt that blogs are changing the way news is disseminated, consumed and analyzed in America and around the world. Blogs have become an effective check on the power of the established media giants. They also are very effective at advancing new issues that traditional media, with its emphasis on profit and sensationalism, might otherwise ignore. Thus blogs are making enormous contributions to the marketplace of ideas that is so essential to an effective democracy.

Are there problems with the blogs? Sure. Many of us are now getting news from sources that just reinforce our point of view, and blogs contribute to that trend.

Howard Kurtz takes a look at how blogs can bite back at the media.

Peggy Noonan hails the power of the blogs.

Howard Kurtz analyses the different levels of bias on might find in the blogs.

Great blog on the media:

Jeff Jarvis tracks the goings on in the media. lately he's been exposing how the FCC has been getting duped by thousands of form complaints from "pro-family" groups complaining about indecency on television.