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Soon we will be adding our own columns to The Orlando Report.

In the meantime, we'll feature some great columns from around the web that our readers can enjoy.

Life Lessons - Steve Jobs gave a poignant and instructive commencement speech at Stanford's graduation ceremonies in 2005. The message is an old one that many would support - You've got to find what you love and do it - but Jobs delivers the message as only he could.

Celebrating America - As we celebrated the Fourth of July in 2005, George Will suggested we read David McCullough's new book, "1776," which offers more examples of how great men were able to affect the course of history.

Defending Liberty - Peggy Noonan makes a strong argument that our government takes too much authority and not enough responsibility. By trying too hard to protect us, government takes away our rights to do stupid things. Anyone with a libertarian streak should read this column.


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