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We’re Back!

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TOR (The Orlando Report) was down for awhile. The IT department allowed our domain name to expire. iPage wanted hundreds of dollars to reactivate it (not a chance), so we moved our website and domain name to a new company. In the interest of disclosure we are not set up over at Godaddy. We know that people have…feelings about GoDaddy as a company, but to keep the site’s costs down, we found some of their promo codes that made it much more inexpensive. We also signed up for a free-trial VPS hosting plan. Hopefully we can keep the costs down enough that we can keep delivering you high-quality news without any more interruption. If you prefer to get your news via podcast, click here for a guide to some excellent headphones.

The Obama Administration – Change has finally arrived in Washington. And then we got more change with the 2010 elections, setting up some epic battles in Washington. Follow the Obama administration with daily updates on North Coast Blog!

Insane Drug War – Jay Tierney’s column highlight’s another sad case involving minimum sentences and the War on Drugs. It’s another example of prosecutorial discretion getting out of control.


Chris Christie bitchslaps Rand Paul
Rand Paul made the mistake of trying to criticize Chris Christie about pork spending on hurricane relief after Christe criticized him on foreign policy. But then Christie punched back hard, citing how New Jersey was a donor state and how Kentucky got the benefit of a ton of pork from the Federal government. This one had to leave a mark!

Confederacy of Dunces
What else could we call some of the loony potential candidates for the Republican nomination for president in 2012? There were a couple of serious candidates, but too many sound like buffoons, and Donald Trump only made things worse.


We live in very polarized times. Unfortunately, politics and ideology are getting in the way of having a real debate about policy.

Energy Independence
Obama and most Americans believe we need to free ourselves from our addition to foreign oil. Many conservatives agree as well.

Health Care Reform
This issue has been dominating our poltics as Obama and the GOP battle over his plan. The health care debate will be huge in the 2012 elections.

Auto Bailout
It was one of the most controversial and unpopular decisions of the Obama administration, but it was also critical to the recovery. With the success of GM and Chrysler, the Obama administration deserves credit for saving the domestic auto industry.Obama’s team plans to make this an issue in the 2012 campaign in the rust belt states.

John Kasich
Are GOP governors like Kasich in Ohio and Scott Walker in Wisconsin a gift to the Democrats and Obama in 2012?

Issues like global warming get all the press. Meanwhile, there is a sustainability revolution going on in corporate American and around the world, as companies realize that waste costs money!

Security vs. Privacy
This is an ongoing issue as we face more technological capabilities from the government, businesses and our neighbors.

Real Estate
The financial crisis has completely decimated the housing market. Home forclosures are slowing down growth and home values have plummeted around the country.

Cool Stuff

Check out Jon Stewart as he mocks Bill O’Reilly for being a hypocrite. Sure, it’s not a tough thing to do, but Stewart does it so well.